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Get 'Em & Keep 'Em:
15 Surefire Strategies to Build Membership
(Part 2)

Strategy #9: Plan for Success

Develop and use a written membership plan.

Strategy #10: Select Your Strategy

Look at the panoply of membership strategies and match the strategy to your target audience and your resources.

Strategy #11: Trade on Credibility

Seek out testimonials from your members and use them in your recruitment activities.

Strategy #12: Refine Your Message

Be sure that you are stressing benefits to the member, not just features of your program or product.

Strategy #13: Don’t Give Up

You have to keep repeating the message.

Strategy #14: Do What Counts

You have to track and evaluate the cost/benefit of every membership development activity. Build on those that are effective, discontinue the ones that are not.

Strategy #15: Set SMART Goals

Smart goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic reach and time-specific.


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